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 This offer is for 3 or more Sunday only News Tribune copies delivered 
to your door, each Sunday 
for a minimum of 26 weeks {6 months}.
Why Home Deliver?  It is VERY Glamorous! 

Your coupons will NEVER again be missing/stolen.

 {UG!  Don’t you just HATE that!}

NEVER miss out on coupons because you couldn’t make it to the store.

{Life happens.}

This price is 1/2 of what it costs at most stores.
Save in gas.
Time is money and money is time!  
Home delivery is a great way to maximize both!
Pricing… Prepayment is required for this offer.  
Pay in Advance
You may pay in advance  by check, debit or credit card
Based on a 26 week Subscription $1.00 per copy
{Example: $1.00 x 3 copies x 26 weeks= $78.-}
3 Copies    $78.00    $1.00 x 3 copies x 26 weeks= $78.00    
*4 Copies    $104.00    $1.00 x 4 copies x 26 weeks = $104.00 {Suggested}
5 Copies    $130.00    $1.00 x 5 copies x26 weeks = $130.00
6 copies    $156.00    $1.00 x 6 copies x 26 weeks = $156.00
EZPay Option
You may pay by check, debit or credit card. EZ-pay payments are deducted from your checking, debit, or credit card account each month.  Please designate to have the deduction made on 5th, 15th, or 25th of each month.  
$4.33 per month {based on some months are 4 weeks or 5 weeks for our financial calendar}
3 Copies      You pay $4.33 per month x 3 copies=$12.99  each month
*4 Copies        $4.33 per month x 4 copies =$17.32 each month {Suggested}
5 Copies        $4.33 per month x 5 copies=$21.65  each month    
6 copies        $4.33 per month x 6 copies =$25.98 each month
To order contact  The News Tribune and say, “Tiffany had me call/email for a glamorous deal, of $1/newspaper, on your Sunday paper.” 

“Stretch your budget so you can lead the glamorous life!”