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The Art of Frugal Living~CREATE, EAT, SHOP, SAVE, & LIVE a charmed life. This is a where I share how I lead a luxurious, yet frugal life. Friends don't keep beauty secrets. I'd love to introduce you to Younique's natural line of skincare are makeup! Save on the things you need so you can spend on the things that you WANT! Get $$$ tips on Facebook: Become Shoppertunistic~Coupon Class.

BECOME a Sales Rep {Younique}

What are your dreams?

Younique is Going Places!
Want to join the adventure?

When it came time to place my order I decided I wanted it ALL! 

I became a Presenter and now own most of the Natural Skincare & Makeup and I get to help ladies feel pretty!

In addition I make 30% of my sales.
Travel for FREE!
Earn FREE Skincare & Makeup
Get out of the house for some "me" time.
Get dressed up.
Make new friends
I get to wear gorgeous makeup & skincare ALL them time! 
SO fun.

Younique is a Natural & Cruelty FREE Company devoted to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail. Our quality products are sold exclusively through our Presenters.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Cruelty FREE
  • affordable luxuries 
  • Get paid within HOURS of making a Sale
  • backed by a LOVE IT or replacement guarantee
  • Work from Home
  • Sales are MOSTLY done via Social Media so NO childcare costs!

  • Younique helps me feel Healthy & P R E T T Y!

    There are options at every price point.

    VERY shoppertunistic!

    {this set has been extended through December as it was SO popular}

    Even SLIGHTLY interested in joining my BOOMING Younique Team?
    Want more info?
    How about just a chance to ask ALL of your questions and see what a GREAT fit if would be for you and your family!?

    I am offering you the chance to get in on this Ground Floor Business!
    Join my team!

    Begin your adventure for ONLY $99!!!

    that includes  Makeup, Skincare and EVERYTHING you need to 
    start your NEW Biz!

    My friend is using her Younique income for a 40th Birthday Trip to Italy for her Hubby!

    A new friend of mine joined to pay medical bills after a recent battle with cancer.

    I have been using my checks the last couple of months to do somethings that our budget hasn't covered such as Shopping, Home Decor, and Fine Dining! 

    Younique is going places, and can take you places!
    Where would you like to go?!?

    Check out my website and Message me! I'd LOVE to hear from YOU!