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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Perfectly Easy Christmas Gifts

Here are a few Christmas Present Suggestions. With items at all Price Points it's easy to find something!
PLEASE Order by 12/15, for US orders for Guaranteed Christmas Delivery.

3D Fiber Lashes {Mascara} is one of THE must give gifts of the Season!
At $29-, plus a little tax and shipping you give the gift of
ooh-la-la lashes for 3 months.
The look of falsies or extensions with MASCARA!!!!
These 2 tubes give you LONG & THICK Lashes...Guaranteed.

Enjoy the EXTRA Savings Gift of the month with our water resistant, smooth Precision Pencils!
Complete with Sharpener & Case! 

Here are a few other WILDLY popular items!
Perfect Stocking Suffers too!
Our Lip Gloss is FANTASTIC
Not sticky or icky tasting and they have a mirror on the side!
Save with a Custom Set.

Our Pigments RIVAL MAC & Bare Minerals offering you cleaner ingredients and you get MORE for LESS! Create own Set and Save MORE!

I joined Younique in March and have been THRILLED
with their Natural Based Cruelty FREE products.
I would LOVE to have you on my Team!
You can Join just to Save on your own purchases or work it as a Full Time or Part Time Gig.
I NEVER thought it would explode into a team over 450 and growing amazing ladies this quickly!
Check it out here and Please message me if you have any questions.

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