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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome 24/7 MOMS

Welcome 24/7 MOMS! 
I had such a FUN time with you on last night's webcast!

Thank you for joining in!

If you missed it you can still check it out here tomorrow.

Here is a recap of a few of my favorite Strategic Shopping & Frugal Living Tips...

1. Get the newspaper! 

It is the #1 source of coupons.  You need it to be successful!
Get 1 paper/person in your home that way when there are stock up opportunities you can create a manageable {what you will use in a year's time} stockpile, shop from yourself, and PAY yourself! 
Don't we all want to spend our money on things that we WANT!?

2. SAVE on Organic produce!

Full Circle Farm is my FAVORITE Organic produce company.
They deliver to your door in most cases, you can customize your order, AND they offer a discount for referring your friends!
Every Tuesday I post about Full Circle Farm on my Facebook page.  You can do the same and get a even better deal on your order!
Currently, you can save $10 on your first box when they use the promo code eBenefits and include your name {Tiffany Dirks} when they sign

3. SAVE on designer clothing!

Who doesn't LOVE a designer deal?
I was rocking out the Salvation Army Boutique all summer long when it was just a few miles from my home. Now it has been relocated to Seattle.  
I will be making the drive now for sure but a little less frequently.
It is probably a blessing in disguise because my closets are overflowing with designer goodness!
Make sure to check and see if there are Boutique second hand store locations in your area.

4. Get Organized!

Don't let your coupons become a HOT MESS! 
Not only will you lose the opportunity to cash in on hot deals but you won't keep up on Strategic Shopping unless it is easy.
Check out my YouTube on FAST & EASY coupon organization HERE and HERE.
Consider purchasing your own Coupon Organization System from HERE.

5. Live Debt Free!

Dave Ramsey offers a basic yet revolutionary program called Financial Peace University.
The combo of this program and Strategic Shopping has helped us pay off $30,000 in debt over the past year alone!
Paying off debt puts MORE cash back into your pocket!
You can learn more HERE.

Schedule your own Strategic Shopping Seminar!
2 hours
Multi~media presentation
Take home Savings Booklet
Learn how to save an average of $500/month investing 1 HOUR/week!

Looking for a Part Time or Full Time job for the holidays?
Consider becoming a Jewel Kade Stylist! 
Jewel Kade is a ground floor hand crafted jewelry company that is taking the industry by storm!


Consider hosting a Jewel Kade Show and earn charming Hostess Benefits that will spoil you with FREE and 1/2 priced jewelry!

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