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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rain Check Tutorial

As the usage of coupons gains popularity stores seem to have an increasingly tough time meeting demands.  Towards the end of a promotion shelves are bare!  NO need to get frustrated!  Just ask for a Rain Check! 
I store my Rain Check in my Store specific zipper pouch or accordion file with my coupons so when the products are back in stock, I can go back when demand isn’t as high and still get my deal.
In the case of Albertsons with the Twice the Value coupons, this means you will be a promotion behind in your shopping.  You will be able to get the items that were on sale last time and get Rain Checks for the current items for next time.  Sometimes you may be pleasantly surprised to see items still ready for you too.
Make sure when you are using a Rain Check to skip the Self Check out and opt for a regular register.  The process that the cashier has to go through at Self Check out is grueling in comparison! 
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