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Thursday, September 15, 2011


4 has become my favorite number.

The root of it being, there are 4 of us in our family...or my 4 boys 
{Counting out dog Zek.  Pronounced Zeke but I got it from my licence place when we lived in Oregon.  Since Zek can't read and won't have issues with phonics as a child, I left the original spelling.}

Today 4 has a even more special place in my heart because 
today is my boys' birthday! 

Calum & Jackson are 4 years old!

They have a unique birthday!  It is my husband's birth month, September.  And my birthday, the 15th {mine is in December}.  
I just LOVE that! 
They are half Ryan and half me ALL the way!



In honor of their Birthday I wanted to share a passage from one of my FAVORITE books!  

Words of Wisdom for Women by Rachel Snyder 


"Give life to something-anything-until it's ready to be born. An idea, a dream, a baby, a book, a sculpture, a business.  Be pregnant with something-anything-for your own creation.   
Hold it inside and feed it and love it and grow it until you're ready to share it with the world.  
Nourish it with your own breath and the warmth of your own body and then beating of your own heart.  Conceive alone or with other or with the universe or with angles or with your computer.  
Carry your conception in a safe place for as long as it takes.  
A month or nice, a year or two or seven.  
When it feels like you can't carry it another day, wait a day, and then release it.  
Let it come out in its own time, in its own way.  Be prepared to feel the pain.  Be prepared to eel the joy.  Be prepared never to feel the same again."

This is the present I bought myself in honor of the boys' birthday.
Since I am a stay at home mama and experience every day with them I thought it was only fair.  hehe.
This is Jewel Kade's Crown Charm.
I couldn't resist the symbolism!
The crown is on a Sapphire blue Bavarian Glass Glittered background which is the birthstone color for September.
The crown has 3 Swarovski Crystals, one for each of my September Bday boys.
The back reads "Happily Ever After."
A reminder that THIS LIFE is my fairy tale.

If you enjoy this charm, it too can be yours! 
I think it would make a perfect gift for a fall Bride and or a Birthday Queen!
You can order it HERE.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to your little men! happy birthday Cal and Jax! Hope your wishes all come true!