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Saturday, August 13, 2011

You Can Get with This or You Can Get With THAT!

For the price of a few charms and necklaces you could have ALL OF THAT and MORE! 

Become a Jewel Kade Stylist THIS MONTH {August} and you'll get $100 OFF your start UP!

Bringing the cost down to $149!

 NOT ONLY will you receive all of THIS...

But you will ALSO get... 

Instant Earnings
 KEEP 25%-30% commissions on EVERY piece you sell.
Build a Team & Earn More
Share the JK Opportunity and you can earn more.
It’s YOUR business, you determine your schedule.
Free Jewelry
NEW Stylist can earn FREE jewelry with JK’s Charming Start Program.

THERE ARE NO MONTHLY MINIMUM sales requirements!

JK is VERY flexible and SO easy! 

I have been with Jewel Kade for 4 months.  JK is such a unique company because everything they offer is handcrafted!  Not only that but I am honored to offer people a product that helps them both celebrate and grieve. {I have been surprised by this.}
I became a Jewel Kade Stylist because it fit with what I was already doing with Become Shoppertunistic {leading a charmed life}
and I LOVE the jewelry!

RIGHT NOW is an amazing time to join JK!  We are truly a ground floor company and you could be the first stylist in your area! 
{There are only 1,500 Stylists in the country!}

Many of the Stylists earn $125 or more/party!  
Just by holding 2 parties/week, you could earn $1500 or MORE/month!

We have a very lucrative career plan.  
JK offers a great business plan with a small investment {$149! A $600 value!}
You never have to carry inventory.

I would LOVE to have you join me!
If you would like more info about this business opportunity, for yourself or for a friend, just let me know! 

Let's meet for a drink or for coffee so I can tell you more!

Add some charm to your life!

Contact me HERE.

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