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Monday, August 8, 2011

Jewel Kade {Work from Home} UPDATE!

Jewel Kade is Going Places!
Want to join the adventure?

Jewel Kade

I hosted a Jewel Kade jewelry party last Friday and fell in LOVE with their craftsmanship, design, positive message, & G L I T T E R!

When it came time to place my order at the end of the night I decided I wanted it ALL! 

I became a Stylist and now own a great big ol' piece of the collection. 

In addition I make 30% of my sales!
Earn FREE jewelry.
Get out of the house for some "me" time.
Get dressed up.
Make new friends
I get to wear gorgeous jewlery ALL them time! 
SO fun.

"Vintage, contemporary, urban and romantic – Jewel Kade is a fresh take on timeless fashion. It’s worn by those who celebrate life, and those who treasure unforgettable accessories. Handcrafted quality. Intriguing embellishments. Eye-catching artwork. Exclusively from designer Janet Kinkade.
Founded by Janet Kinkade in 2008, Jewel Kade has quickly grown to become one of the nation’s premiere jewelry brands, already appearing on The Today ShowThe Ellen Degeneres Show, and American Idol."
~Taken from the Jewel Kade website

I enjoy how I can put on a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings and make a drab outfit of jeans, t~shirt and sweater become a glam ensemble.
The pieces dress up or complement even a fancy outfit.

Jewel Kade helps me feel P R E T T Y!

The charms and necklaces are sold separately so you can interchange them.

Also, the charms are double sided so you get 2 necklace/charm combos.

There are options at every price point.

VERY shoppertunistic!

Even SLIGHTLY interested in joinin my Jewel Kade Team?
Want more info?
How about just a chance to ask ALL of your questions and see what a GREAT fit if would be for you and your family!?

I am offering you the chance to get in on this Ground Floor Business!
Join my team!
Host a Lauch Party, and YOU will can apply your Hostess Benefits towards the cost of your Stylist kit!!!!

This is IN ADDITION to the FREE and 1/2 priced items that you'll earn too just for hosting the party!

Prices used to begin at $400 to get started and NOW it's ONLY $249!!!

My friend is using her JK Kash for a 40th Birthday Trip for her Hubby!

A new friend of mine joined Jewel Kade to pay medical bills after a recent battle with cancer.

I have been using my checks the last couple of months to do somethings that our budget hasn't covered such as Shopping, Home Decor, and Fine Dining! 

Jewel Kade is going places, and can take you places!
Where would you like to go?!?

Check out my website.

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