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Sunday, August 14, 2011

In a Week's Wear {5 fab~fruFAL outfits}

In A Week's Wear {5 fab~frugal outfits}

The English major in me wanted to go with alliteration and call this segment "Frugal Fashion Friday"
but we all would snicker to ourselves because these outfits are FAR from being considered "fashion" and it's NOT Friday.

Instead, I am calling it "In a Week's Wear" showing you the frugal finds that speak to me and help be comfortably lead the life of a boy mama!

I will give you details, as I have them as far as labels and where I found the pieces.
Otherwise, it may just be a pic.

I am not saying that I have it all figured out!  
In fact, I would LOVE to hear your suggestions for improvement.

A friend of mine said that she enjoyed seeing what I wear because it inspires ideas in her own wardrobe.

That is my GOAL! 

Here we GO!


T shirt, $4 at WalMart
Pants, Banana Republic Trousers, $1 from Salvation Army Boutique
Jewelry, Jewel Kade "Yellow Fleur de Lis" charm {$48} with Medium Ball 24 inch chain {$14} 
Small Ball Chain {$5, Fleur de Lis Keep sake Charm $8, Swarovski Creamrose Pearl $8
Silver Ball Earrings  {$16}

This dress was my BIGGEST suprise at the Salvation Army Boutique Sale this week!
I picket it up thinking it might make a sweet costume, Stewardess, in honor of that chic show coming out on ABC this fall~PanAm.
I didn't think it would be that cute for regular wear BUT I tried in on and fell in LOVE!  
The cut is d'lish and I will be wearing it on days other than Halloween.
Dress, Jill Jacobs, $1
Shoes,  from Payless, $27 
Jewelry, Jewel Kade "Large Fleur de Lis" charm {$48} paired with the Grey Layering Pearls {$40}
Jewel Kade Duchess Bracelet {$40}

 Blouse, $1 from Salvation Army Boutique
Pants, Z Calvaricci, $1 from Salvation Army Boutique

Jewelry, Jewel Kade "Gold Key" charm, {$40} 
Paired with JK Ribbon Necklace~that you can only get from hosting a party, $32 value!  Interested? Leave a comment!}
JK ID Bracelet {$38}

This is the night that I hosted my Jeans & Jewels Event!
It was fabulous!
I picked out these FABULOUS Zipper Brand Angel Wing Jeans for $20 with my hostess credit.
SOOO fun! 
Shirt, a gift from my Mama
Jewelry, Jewel Kade "Duchess Bracelet" {A gift from my bestie Tia!  LOVE you girlie!} $40
Necklace "Photo Charm with my initial on the other side"  {$62} with "Oval Link" chain {$18}

We went to a SUPER HOT party!  I was a Full Moon Party hosted by amazing Sister In Law, Tina!
All the guests wore white {so we could spot each other outside}
She payed music with "moon" in the lyrics.
We played with glow in the dark balls and frisbees.
We brought Moonpies & Moonshine to share.
There was a contest for "Best Howl at the Moon".
I want to copy this party idea!

Blouse, Jones New York {Hand me down from my other amazing snl, Meaghan.}
Pants, Ann Taylor, from the Salvation Army Boutique {$1}
Jewelry, Jewel Kade , "Jade"charm {$34}Chain "Fancy Oval Twist" {$32}, "Stary Night Drop" {$19}.
Duchess Bracelet {$40}


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  1. Cute stuff as always! I should have you come pick out my first week of school clothes! :)

  2. That would THRILL ME! You always dress so cute though!