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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

D'lish Dinners & Grocery List

There have been some BIG changes around here 
especially in the area of food!
I have moved away from my gluten & dairy free lifestyle this summer and have replaced it with 

I was feeling bloated and slugish with the gluten & dairy free approach.
Come to find out I was OVER carbing myself!

I had applied The Zone approach for about 6 years prior to having the boys and 
LOVE it!

So, I decided to give it another try.

I have been thrilled with the results!

Keep in mind that you can STILL make small changes to the recipes I share to make them gluten and dairy free in nature.

I ran across the HOTTEST organizational tools over at 
Jones Design Company that I will be using to share with you! 

Of course you are going to have ideas of your own to capture so make sure to sign up for your own customizable printables!

I am a FIRM believer that

These printables will help you with the Organizational component for SURE!
Thanks for checking me out for the Educational aspect!

I had some requests to see my weekly Grocery List.
It is nice having a chic list because sticking to your list will save you an average of 70%!!

I actually ran into Miss Emily Jones at the store today!
It was so fun to show her my first time using her list.

That's right, 70%!

I challenge you next time you go to the store...
Put a basket in your cart and EVERY TIME you pick up something that isn't on your list, put in in the basket portion of your cart.

At the end of your shopping, see how much more you would have purchased had you not added these items.  

You will be SHOCKED! 

I saved $70 TODAY just by sticking to my list.  
{I had a few impulse purchases because I was shopping with the boys}

I didn't use a single coupon.

Dinner Links & Recipes

I'm adding grilled Lemon Peppered Seasoned chicken to mine.

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  1. cute! It was fun to run into you too. I should have made a list for myself as I did not save 70%

  2. LOVE the endless possiblities of these printables!