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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Art of FruGAL Living {Christmas In July Turtorial}

We were invited to a Magical Morning, by my dear friend Cheri from SnapDragons & GingerRoots, that I wanted to share with you!

My boys LOVE Christmas and Santa!
In fact, they LOVE Santa SO much they wanted him to come to their Second Birthday Party in September!

I didn't think you'd believe me, so I added a pic.  My Dad dressed up!  I purchased the suit and we use it WAY more than most people.  Santa is seriously their LOVE! 

Cheri and her boys greeted us at the door all wearing festive Christmas gear.
This was a surprise. She didn't let us know ahead of time.
She slowly let more details out of her bag of magic.

Upon further investigation we heard Christmas music playing! 

We walked in to find...

Cookies & Milk with Santa!
Cheri found these magical straws at Fred Meyer that turn regular milk into Chocolate or Strawberry flavored milk! 
There are little pieces inside the straw that when you suck the milk through the straw, the milk dissolves the flavor, and infuses it into the milk.


 This vintage Santa pitcher with shades was the centerpiece!

Here is Cheri preparing the Magic Milk!

Desmond enjoying his Strawberry Milk.

Jackson, the Cookie Monster, reaching for more cookies.

Calum, double fisting his cookie delight!

Thank you Cheri for such a Magical Morning! 

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