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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Clothing Swap {The Art of Frugal Living}

I had a fab~frugal morning that I wanted to tell you about!
I hosted a Clothing Swap!
I found this adorable invite that you could use for inspiration, online.

It was fairly simple to organize and everyone walked away leaving their oldie behind and discovering new treasures.
First we established some ground “rules” inspired by the show What Not to Wear.

Bring items that you haven’t worn in a year or longer.
Please bring clean items.DO NOT iron clothes or go through heroic measures.
Please bring a snack or beverage to share.
When guests arrived they were given a number, which determined the order of selection.
I had everyone put their items on our pool table.
We had snacks and chatted and then got down to business.
Now, this is my second attempt at a Clothing Swap.  I did the first one in the same manner.  No sorting, no clothing racks, just a fun free for all.  I like this format because it keeps it fast, easy, and fun.
You can have a “rule” about how many items a person can take at a time, but I didn’t and it worked out okay.
2 or 3 mamas, depending on the size of your group, tried on items while we watched their kiddos.  
I converted a few rooms into “Fitting Rooms” by adding a full length mirror.  8/10 times mamas would come out for the 360 degree test {hehe, I couldn’t resist a What Not to Wear Reference!  LOVE that show} and ask how an item looked. Shopping with friends is SO helpful!
Once everyone had a chance to try on items we all began suggesting items for each other and the trying on began all over again!
I found quite a few treasures to replace the items that I no longer wanted!  Look for them in my next In a Week’s Wear!

Items that were left over can be donated to you Women’s Shelter or to the Goodwill.
So much fun!  I will be doing another Clothing Swap for sure!
Have you hosted or attended a Clothing Swap?
I would love to hear your ideas and experiences.

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