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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Charming Fundraiser

Welcome Spartan Fans!

Are you looking for a charming fundraiser for your team or organization?
Tired of chocolate bars?
{In high school I ate/bought more from myself than I sold! Darn World Finest!}
Tired of gift wrap?
How about something that you can wear and celebrate your loved one?!?

I have put together a collection of Jewel Kade items that will help you do just that!
There are items at all price points!

Your team or organization makes 20% of your sales with the option of also earning FREE jewelry!

These are the "Kate" Charms {$18} paired with a "Fan Club Crystal" {$8} and 

a Small Ball Chain {$5}.

Whether you are a Glam Mama or A Fan Mama there are options for you both!

Try a Photo Charm!

Your loved one on one side and their team number, team logo, or a glam print on the other.

So you can wear them close to your heart!

Hand Stamped Charms make a simple statement.  Circle Charm {$8} or Oval Charm {$10}, Fan Club 

Crystal {$8} and Keepsake Charm {$8}.  Ideal for a name initial or team number 

Layer necklaces together to create a unique look and statement! 

The "Jack Tag" {$26, includes Medium Ball Chain} is full of possibilities!
Your Loved One's Name
School's Name
Name & Number
Panther Pride
BLMG Spartans
Pair with a "Fan Club Crystal" and Sports or Keepsake Charm {$8}

Get a charming spirited necklace &
EARN 20% and FREE jewelry by
Hosting a Jewel Kade Fundraiser! 

Check out the FULL Jewel Kade catalog HERE

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