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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Art of FruGAL Living {Swag Bag Tutorial}

I always enjoy including a little treat as a Take Home from my Events!
Since I became a Jewel Kade Stylist, I also like to include a treat for my Hostesses!
Here is a shoppertunistic way I found to create Swag Bags for ANY occasion!

You will need
A paper stack in the theme or colors of your event.
Party Bags {Found at JoAnn Fabrics}

For my Jewel Kade & Become Shoppertunistic Hostess Bags I use these printed labels.

Pull out a sheet of paper from your paper stack.

Fold the left side to the middle.

Fold the right side to the middle.

Fold both sides together.  It’s ok if they don’t line up perfectly!

Open up and cut along the folds.

It will create two bag tops/tents.

Step 7
Load your bag with goodies!
For my Jewel Kade and Become Shoppertunistic Hostess bags I include a 
Tea Bag
Sweet Treat
Calendar with my upcoming availability
a Business Card

Staple to the top of the bag 
Add a sticker to cover the staple.

I am sure you can come up with a LOT of great ideas for these Swag Bags to add some glam”MORE” to your next event! 
Book a Jewel Kade Party and possibly earn a Jewel Kade Bracelet {pictured above} as part of your glam"more"ous Hostess Benefits!

Or a

Become Shoppertunistic Party these sweet little bags and MORE! 

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