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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Art of FruGAL Living {Custom Water bottle Tutorial}

Custom Waterbottles!

In honor of my Nephew Brock, I wanted to create these water bottles for his 
BIG Graduation Party!

This is a pic of Brock about 4 years ago when he first met my kiddo Calum.
Isn't he a good lookin' kid?  
He has REALLY grown up since this pic,
He towers above me at about 6 ft. 6 inches.
He is a Gentle Giant.

I know you can purchase and get FREEBIE printable water bottle labels but I wanted to show you another way to create them.

You get a BIG "WOW" factor with these 


they are SUPER easy!


I found these custom stickers on Vistaprint.
This was pretty pricey but it gave the look I wanted with Brock's school colors.


Remove waterbottle labels.

Cut scrapbook paper into strips that are the same length and width as those that you removed.


Place the paper strip to the sticky part remaining on the bottle.

Wrap paer strip around the bottle.


Add a sticker to keep the ends of the paper to keep it in place.


I suggest keeping the packaging in tack so you can reload the waterbottles back inside it for easy transportation or storage for your event.


You can NOT refrigerate these as the bottles will sweat and really wreak havoc!

There are water bottle labels you can purchase that are waterproof and can be refrigerated.


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