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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ways to Save Even MORE at Walmart?

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Today’s store in the spotlight is Walmart! I heard a buzz around the world wide web that Walmart was accepting Albertsons' Twice the Value coupons so I decided to check it out.

I thought it would be best to go to my local Walmart and talk to a Manager to see if they accepted Twice the Value coupons from Albertsons.

I found an Assistant Manager who replied without hesitation,"Of course we do.  It's a store coupon."

When I went to check out  the cashier raised an eyebrow and pointed to the coupon policy sign next to her register that clearly states that Walmart does not double coupons.

It's a bit tricky because the Twice the Value coupon itself is in fact a store coupon.  I see that they wouldn't just double or triple any manufacture coupon, and this is stated here in their official Coupon Policy.

The Assistant Manager was kind and said he would stand by his word but then wasn't sure exactly what the policy was.

The cashier said she hadn't received any updated info that Albertsons' Twice the Value Coupons were being accepted.

What does that mean for us strategic shoppers?

Until I see some hard core evidence of this being a common practice on numerous of my trustworthy websites, I'm not going to rock it out.

Walmart does have a great thing going for strategic shoppers in that they DO accept other store's coupons and price match other store's prices.  That is good enough for me, at this point.

I would love to hear if you tried this out and what your experiences were.

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