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Friday, May 13, 2011

In a Week's Wear {5 fab~frugal outfits}

The English major in me wanted to go with alliteration and call this segment "Frugal Fashion Friday"
but we all would snicker to ourselves because these outfits are FAR from being considered "fashion."

Instead, I am calling it "In a Week's Wear" showing you the frugal finds that speak to me and help be comfortably lead the life of a boy mama!

I will give you details, as I have them as far as labels and where I found the pieces.
Otherwise, it may just be a pic.

I am not saying that I have it all figured out!  
In fact, I would LOVE to hear your suggestions for improvement.

A friend of mine said that she enjoyed seeing what I wear because it inspires ideas in her own wardrobe.

That is my GOAL! 

Here we GO!


I attended a Saltimbanque Champagne & Chocolates Party!

So fun and SO d'lish!
Shirt~ROMY $7
Pants,Chip & Pepper, $1 from Salvation Army 
Headband, Clearance at Nordstrom
Jewelry, Jewel Kade "Large Crystal Drop" charm {$18} with Layering Pearls {$40} 
Jewel Kade Duchess Bracelet  {$39, ONLY available until 5/31}



This Jewel Kade "Amour" charm can only be ordered if you host a Jewel Kade Party!
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I attended another FUN event! I represented Jewel Kade at Graham Cross Fit's Ladies Night
Workout gear & Heals!

Shirt, Champion, Target Clearance
Shoes, Clearance 
Jewelry, Jewel Kade "Amore" charm {FREE for hosting a party!} paired with the Rolo Chain 24" {$35}
Jewel Kade Bracelet {$28}


ANOTHER successful shopping trip to the Salvation Army Boutique for their "Fill a Bag for $10" SALE
This outfit cost $5!!!
Express Sweater, $1
Express Cami, $1
Ana Capris, $1
Shoes, Naturalizer, $2
Jewel Kade Cross Earrings {$16}


Sweater, Tulle, Clearance
Jeans, Kasil, Clearance
Black Bow Headband, Torrid, Clearance
Black Flower Pin, JoAnn Fabrics with a 40% off coupon
Jewel Kade "Silver Heart" charm {$34} with "Double Heart" chain {$32}

LOVE those buttons!  
The back side of the "Silver Heart" charm reads "Follow Your Heart"


Shirt, ROMY {$4}
Jeans, Lucky Brand, $1 Salvation Army
Shoes, Payless
Jewelry, Jewel Kade Bracelet {Possible FREE hostess gift!}
Necklaces "Bee" charm. Back reading "BEE yourself.  Everybody else is already taken."{$32} with "Small Ball" chain {$5}
Hand stamped Initial Charms {$10 each} with "Small Ball" chain {$5}

Were you charmed by the amazing pieces that I showcased here?
I would love to book a party for you to possibly earn many other the items pictured for FREE!
Keep reading and then 

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