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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glamorous Coupon Organization {And Other Ideas}

I had a Thirty One Products Party which has greatly increased my awareness of the 
fabulous and glamorous organization opportunities offered by this HOT company!

The product that caught my eye was the Fold-and-Go Organizer with Notepad
pictured here {$24}

I have ALL kind of ideas for this little organizer!

I developed a system for it as my NEW coupon organizer!
This is a great product for you to use to organize the coupons you have for products that your family uses the most often/on a weekly basis.
1. I store my commonly used coupons in the compartment on the right.
2. I do my Meal Planning and build my grocery list using the Notepad in the middle.
3. I move the coupons I need for the week's shopping to the pocket on the right AND add my grocery cash, & Store Loyality Card {if applicable}.

These pouches are water proff so your coupons will be safe in the event of a leaky sippy cup!  

For those of you who have taken my Become Shoppertunistic Strategic Shopping Seminar,
you recall me telling you that check out at the grocery store is where sabotage will try to attach your perfect shopping experience.


This Fold-and-Go Organizer helps you to plan before you get to the store and to organize in a way that all of your coupons will be ready to go when you get to the cashier.
If a situation develops, you can hand over your coupons with confidence that you will get the deals you were planning on.

This glam system also allows you to carry some extra coupons for those commonly used items with you in case you run across an unexpected deal!

I suggest getting a Fold-and-Go for the store you use the most often so you can keep your commonly used product coupons in one place.


Here is another way you can use the Fold-and-Go for your coupons.
I swear by carrying scissors!  You never know when you'll need to cut a coupon on the fly.
Having a calculator is a good idea, if you don't have one on your phone to see if a deal is actually a deal and not just a marketing ploy.

The Diaper Bag Kit 

This is a VERY glamorous way to carry your diaper needs while still carrying your designer handbag!
Diapers on the Left, wipes in the middle, ointment and other baby paraphernalia on the right.
SO clever!


You can make these travel kits age or kid specific by selecting a print and or adding your kiddo's name!

Personalizing your 31 Product is only $6.

I am going to start carrying these in the car for longer trips and for when we go out to eat.

These are just a few ideas that I came up with for this versatile and glamorous product!
If you would like to order one I'd love to include you in my party order!

Have a question about other Thirty One Products? Message my awesome friend, Jenn, HERE

View the entire catalog HERE.

I'd love to hear your ideas too!

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