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Monday, May 2, 2011

FIESTA! Cinco de Mayo {The Art of Frugal Living}

The "Art of Frugal Living" is living within your budget yet still feeling like you are leading the glamorous life.
It is entertaining, decorating, living, playing in a way that appears to cost far more than you'd guess.
Just by making a few strategic decisions you can off set great costs!

Here are a few ideas for your Cinco de Mayo that only cost a few bucks but seem rich!

Fried Ice Cream Pops

I was inspired by the idea of Cake Pops to create 
Fried Ice Cream Pops!
Isn't everything better on a sick?!?
I've never made them nor have I seen them before!

Here's the plan...

Crush Corn Flakes and add Cinnamon to a bag.

Ball Vanilla Ice Cream. 

Add ice cream to corn flake mixture and 

Insert a Cake Ball/Sucker stick into the ball.

Drizzle Chocolate Sauce and or Honey.


Keep frozen until served.

Sopapilla Cheesecake Bites

I was first introduced to these pieces of heaven by my Sis, Megan.
They are so fab~frugal! 
Check out the recipe HERE.

Chips & Guacamole

This is one of my ALL time favorites for entertaining!
Here is my recipe
1 diced avocado/person
1 container of freshly prepared pico de gio {Found in your grocer's deli or produce section}
2 shakes of garlic powder/avocado
Mix & start Dipping!

Nacho Bar
Have each of your guests bring a topping!
This is a low key crowd pleaser!

For my party this Cino de May I was blessed with multiple cases of bottled Margaritas!
I will be making them seem a bit more homemade by
emptying the contents into a festive Cactus Margarita Glass
Adding a shot of tequila 
A squeeze of fresh lime
and salt to the rim of the glass.

We lived in Arizona for a couple of years and we were lucky to be introduced to a sweet gal named Bridget as well as her Beergaritas!
They have become a Summer staple and often make an appearance at our Cinco de Mayo parties since!
Check out the recipe HERE.

Again, I'm feeling pretty lucky when it comes to decor.
A shoppertunistic tip is to gather items when they go on Clearance each year and then when the holiday rolls around you will be all set!
My brother, Adam & his beautiful wife Megan, found this 
gorgeous pitcher and glass set for me in Mexico!

 Before Margaritas

After Margaritas
{Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off ~Sorry I needed to have a laugh!}

I plan on decorating with my
Paper Flag Garland
Small tin baskets in pink, red, and yellow filled with Jelly Belly's Margarita flavored jelly beans
Placing tea lights in some of my cactus margarita glasses with green glass beads
Mexican Paper Flowers in bright pink, yellow, and red from HERE

I hope that got you feeling inspired to celebrate your Cinco de Mayo in the Art of Frugal Living style!
I'd love to hear your ideas!

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  1. You mean I wasn't the first one to introduce Cheesecake Sopapillas? I love those sinful treats! I should make some.

  2. DOH! That was my ADD kicking in! I mixed your name with my other snl Meaghan! I fixed it! It was all you girlie!

  3. Thanks for sharing our printable!!! Great ideas!