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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fab~frugal All Laundry Soap {Become Shoppertunistic Tutorial}

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Walgreens has All Laundry Soap BOGO and better with coupons this week through Saturday! HE {high efficiency varieties included}

You are able to pair 2 coupons with the BOGO sale to bring the price down even MORE!

The All coupons are in the Sunday's paper {4/10 Red Plum}. There is 1 for $1.30 and one for $1.
Bring both.

I had 8 coupons, 4 of each, and was able to get 8 bottles of laundry soap!

Next time I need it, I will shop from myself, pay myself, and use the money to buy something I want instead of something I need! I call that the G.L.A.M. Account.

The G.L.A.M. Account stands for
G~Generosity & Gift Giving
L~Luxe Living
M~Mind on your money and money on your mind

It's the stuff we want to spend our hard earned money on!

Make sure to print off Walgreens' coupon policy. My manager had to go check to make sure it was ok to use 2 coupons with a BONGO sale.
I would print it out and carry it along with you in your designer zipper pouch with your coupons. You can find those here.

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