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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

D'lish Dinners

When I meal plan I keep the following glamorous guidelines in mind:

~Prepares in 20 minutes or less
~Cost $10 or less
~Contains 5 ingredients or less

I aim to make all my meals whole food {From farm to table with assistance from Full Circle Farm
 Not processed & as close to its original source as possible}, gluten and dairy free. I omit the or substitute ingredients to meet our dietary needs.

Meal Planning is SO glamorous! You don't have to stress at the last minute about what to make. You have all of the ingredients on hand. It is easy on your budget and on your waist line!  I also incorporate items from our  organic, local, home delivery crop share from 

Using sale items to structure your grocery list and making a Meal Plan is the #1 way to save in your grocery bill! Statistically, 70% of the purchases made at the grocery store on average, are impulse driven.  If you can take the guess work out of what you are buying you can save BIG at the grocery store without cutting a single coupon! 

Eating a sit down dinner with your family is VERY beneficial and will save you a lot of heartache it the long run! AND, it makes your house a home.

Pick & Choose from these d'lish dinners:

#1~ Lettuce Wraps with Steamed Edamame
I made mine with ground turkey instead of chicken
You can purchase edamame in the freezer section of most grocery stores.
It's soy beans in pods!
To cook, remove from plastic, dump into a bowl and push the "reheat" button on your microwave.
Then, grind some sea salt on top.
To eat, put the pod in your mouth, holding the end.
Squeeze the beans out with your teeth, and pull them out into your mouth.
So fun, yummy, and good for you! 
My kids LOVE it too!

{The piles of green are the already loved soy pods!}

#2~  Tamale Casserole
Inspired by Fix-It and Forget-It Cook Book
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time 5-7 hours

2 lbs frozen meatballs
I used Aidelle's brand.  My ALL time favorite! Gluten free and Organic.  Does contain milk}
28 oz can of chopped tomatoes
1 cup yellow cornmeal
14-16 oz cream corn 
{I blended an entire can of organic corn to create my own without the other additives}
1 cup stuffed green olives
{I got the sliced variety and used only 1/2.  Not my favorite}
1/2 tsp chili powder

Mix all together
Cover and cook on high 1 hour
Turn to low and cook for 4-6 hours
Finished when it has a "loaf" consistency.
I am hoping that it will taste like Amy's Mexican Casserole Bowl!
This is one of my special treats. 
I bang off most of the cheese before I cook it.
These run about $4 each.  The recipe I found to make about 6 servings cost about the same and it's closer to dairy free too!

#3~ Tacos & Black Beans 
I use all natural ground beef and season with Nueva Cocina
{100% all natural seasoning packet.  Taco Fresco variety.  In the Mexican section}
With Corn Tortillas

#4~ Split Pea Soup and Garlic Toast
{I use Kinnikinnick brand bread and Earth Balance brand of non diary butter}

#5~ Date Night
Make time for you and your other half to have FUN together, to connect, & to recharge as a couple.

I used to think that organic home delivered produce was WAY out of my budget!  Check out this blog post!  I was SHOCKED!  You can also check out this Vlog to see what is all included.  
It feels so good to eat well and feed my family well while sticking to my budget!  
Order now and tell them Tiffany Dirks sent ya.

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