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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sham"rocking" FUN! {Beers Around the World Party}

Beers Around the World
  I used this FUN Font to create banners around the house.  I just colored the bottom of the glass yellow so it was like beer.  You can spell out whatever you'd like! Find it HERE}

This was our 4th Annual Beers Around the World Party.
We usually host it around St. Patrick's Day but have also done it for Oktoberfest.

Each couple or person, represents a country of their choice,
They bring beer and a appetizer or dessert from their country.
Costumes are optional. We've done it both ways.  SO fun!

  The Party Hosts~My Hubby, Ryan & Myself 

Our Party Ensembles
Ryan is wearing an I Heart Beer Shirt {$5 from Walmart}
I am wearing a Green dress from Tulle {Clearance for $7}
A cream sweater from Ann Taylor {$30}
Headband/Hat from Walmart {$3}
Shoes Clearance from {$15}
Luck Lady Necklace from Juicy {a gift from a friend}

I REALLY enjoy these shoes!


Party Decor
The party guests all wrote their name and date by the beer they brought for the party.

$5 at Marshals.

Some party snacks.
I was thinking "bar food"
Peanuts, pretzels, and chocolate gold coins.
I found this bowl at Marshal's for $9!

Little sample glasses for the guests to sample each of the beers "Around the World."

I order these HERE.

My handsome bartender hubby, Ryan.
Our Country was Ireland and we chose Guinness.
We also made Black and Tans 
Irish Car Bombs {which taste like a milkshake!  YUMMY! We used the plastic beer shot glasses to hold the Irish Creme, we found a brand named Ryan's, so it didn't break our teeth.  They sunk to the bottom too.}

For another one of snacks I made Rainbow Cake Pops.

These cost less than $3 to make.  Cracks me up that they are $1.50 each at Starbucks.
Good portion control though.  

They are VERY inexpensive to make but require a LOT of time & patience.

I used a Rainbow Chip cake mix but the rainbow chips all blended up and you couldn't tell.

I place the Cake Pops in a vintage jar filled with Lucky Charms!

LOVE the way it turned out!

Around the World Beer Sampling Table

I just went to Google images and typed the names of the countries represented and looked for their flags.
I saved the images and added the Country's name to each flag.
When the guests arrived I placed one of their beers on their Country's flag.
You could have each Country decorated with a defining item too if you'd like.
I recommend placing the flags in a page protector since they will get spilled on and get messy.
That way you can use them again for next time too.

This was SUCH a fun party! 
Another tip from a past event was to create a "Passport."
The "Passport" can be used as a info collecting space so guest remember what beers they really enjoyed at the end of the night, since there will probable be a LOT that are new to them.

Enjoy the frugal fun!

Your Good Luck Charm!

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