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Friday, February 18, 2011

Odds & Ends

A special thank you to those who attend the Seminar last night!  I wanted to update you with the info I promised.  If you didn't attend the Seminar, just consider this info an added bonus!

My favotite website for Walgreen's deals:

eCoupons tutorial can be found at 

Coupon Chat
Thank goodness everyone uses a common language to chat about coupons.  However, that lanuage can be a BIG barrier between you and a deal.  
Here are some of the most commonly used "Coupon Chat" lingo and what it means.
I suggest printing this out and keeping it by your comptuter.
Catalina: A coupon that prints out with your receipt from a separate printer. 
Easy Saver Catalog or ESR or ESC: This is the rebate book found at Walgreens. 
IVC: instant value coupon, these are the coupons found in the Easy Saver 
Catalog at Walgreens 
FAR: Free After Rebate 
IP: Internet Printable coupon 
MC or MQ: Manufacturers coupon 

MIR: mail in rebate 
OOP: out of pocket 
P & G: Procter & Gamble 
Peelies: Peel off coupons found on products at stores. 
Red Plum or Valassis (RP): Coupon insert found in your Sunday Paper. 

RR: Register rewards: A Catalina that prints out at Walgreens when you buy specific products.

That about does it.
If I have left something out that I had said I would include, please just message me!
Thanks again for the FUN night!  You are well on your way to Becoming Shoppertunistic!

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