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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Family Valentine's Day Party

 Jackson     ~    Calum & Me 

My boys are 3 years old now and are REALLY into the holidays, not sure where they get it! 

I think like me, they enjoy having a touch of magic sprinkled into the mundane.

As a teacher, I have in my blood to decorate seasonally and for holidays.  Since I was promoted from a classroom to a whole house we have SO much fun together decorating.

That being said I wanted to introduce them to a NEW tradition...
Family Valentine's Day Dinner!

I went shopping for all of the ingredients today at Fred Meyer, some of you may know this store as Kroger.  Here are some of my finds.

The Menu 
Heart Shaped Pizzas


Fondue Dessert

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free pizza mix is the BEST! 
I have tried this mix out on a LOT of people.  I like to do make your own pizza bar for dinner parties.
I enjoy that you can get 4 personal sized pizzas out of 1 mix, good sized pizzas.
I also like that you can use half of the yeast and half of the mix to make a medium sized pizza and store the rest for another time.

Since I do have a dariy sensitivity I use these Dark Chocolate Chips.
D'lish for EVERYONE! No one can ever tell anything "weird" about them {a.k.a. they are missing dairy}.
They are a bit on the spendy side, about $7/pound but the price of having a calm non bloated tummy on Valentine's Day=PRICELESS.
You can find them in the bulk food section.

Finally, I found these nesting bowls! Perfect to hold all of our dippers for the fondue.  
I think they will also be adorable for nights when we order in sushi for the gluten free soy sauce.
They were $4.99/set and they were on sale for 30% off! YAY!

Dippers include:

For the men folk add:
Animal crackers
Cheesecake bites

I am looking forward to having this d'lish meal at our dining room table,
using our good china, and lighting a few candles.
This is a great opportunity to teach the boys those "special" manners you have at the table so they won't make fools of themselves when they get older. Hehe.  

AND to make some memories as a family, OF COURSE!

I am SUCH a realist! 
I looked at this card and though, "Ahh, that reminds me of Calum & Jackson!  So happy now, just wait til one of them falls out of the tree!"  UG! It's a wild ride. 
I sure do love those boys!

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