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The Art of Frugal Living~CREATE, EAT, SHOP, SAVE, & LIVE a charmed life. This is a where I share how I lead a luxurious, yet frugal life. Friends don't keep beauty secrets. I'd love to introduce you to Younique's natural line of skincare are makeup! Save on the things you need so you can spend on the things that you WANT! Get $$$ tips on Facebook: Become Shoppertunistic~Coupon Class.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lucky YOU!

I would LOVE to help you in your quest to end Money Madness! Put an end to living in debt.  Learn how to shop & save and save on the things that you need so you can spend on the things that you want! 

Meet the G.L.A.M. Account

Don't we all want more glam in our life?

G: Generosity & Gift Giving
L: Lux Living
A: Assets
M: Mind on Your $ and $ on Your Mind

Become Shoppertunistic is a 2 Tiered Seminar: Organization & How to use tried, true, and trustworthy blogs that will teach you a way you shop and help you lead the life of your dreams.
I am currently scheduling for March.  Please suggest some dates and times. Use the calendar of available seminar dates, above, to assist you.

I also offer a  back guarantee that I you implement the Become Shoppertunistic model and don't save at least the cost of your class the first week I will refund your class payment.
There are NO charges other than the price of the class:
* You attend for FREE as the class host 
* You EARN 20% of the class' profits {for parties of 10+ guests} 
30% if you are a local lady {South Puget Sound}.
* Your guests pay $10 to attend {Backed by a cash back guarantee IF at least $10 isn’t saved the first week}.

 Please feel free to ask any additional questions you might have and to suggest some dates & times for your seminar.

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