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Thursday, February 10, 2011


What are people saying about Become Shoppertunistic?

" Become shoppertunistic has change my life. I don’t mean in a little way. Not only has it increased my groceries per week but also lowered my grocery bill (both at the same time!) It has me thinking about other areas in my life/budget where I can cut back and so it seems i Have move money than ever. I was just wrapping our christmas gifts and each item, I would look at and realize I spend pennies on the dollar. Example, My MILs gift would have cost $50, I paid under $4. She will never know and love it more than years past. I cant get enough of Become Shoppertunistic and I enjoy sharing it with all my friends. Real friends don’t let friends pay full price!”  ~Kelli

" Just attended a shoppertunistic coupon class and it was a blast! We all had a great time and learned a TON! I can't wait to "Start living the Glamorous life"!  ~Melissa

"Just attended a shoppertunistic coupon class and it was an eye opener and a lot of good information. Cannot wait to have a Glam account:)” ~Patricia

"Okay 2 things..... I bought my first  news papers for sales/coupons this week at walmart... .. I sorted them and had them all ready to look at, then my hubby ( bless his little heart) thought the pile was the overflow for the recycle can,and tossed them!!! - THANKFULLY he retrieved them from outside and i was happy again! funny huh?  SO,  I used my coupons and  shoped deals from the adds today at Walgreens ( just in time) and totally ROCKED the sales and coupons.. Saved $115!!  Im soooo hooked now! Thanks for all your help at the seminar... I can see how getting good deals gets you SO excited!! yay!!  Can't wait for next weeks paper!!!  :-)”  ~Loretta

“Today was Day 1 for me and this is what I got without even leaving the house!
4~ $25 gift certificates to our favorite restaurant in Olympia (they do NOT expire and we go at least twice a month) from for $17.50 using code: redplum (expires 1/31/11)
I was then offered a FREE $25 gift card to for getting FREE business cards from, I paid shipping and handling ($9.54)
$125 worth of gift cards +  $10 business cards that I needed for my cookie business = I paid under $30!!
That's $100 worth of savings just on day 1!!  Not to mention 5 date nights in my future, that I might be funded by my cookie profits!!  
OMW this is addictive! Thanks!” ~Karla

"Just wanted to give you a BIG Thanks!! It's been a year to the day that you taught me your've helped our family save so much money. I truly appreciate it!" ~Christine

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