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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

$25 Richer Thanks to Albertsons & Sav-on Pharmacy

Thanks to a coupon that I found on the back of the "Value Your Heart" coupons booklet {I found mine at the pharmacy but I also saw a stack at the check out counter} I made $25 today transferring my prescription!

The coupon stated 1 $25 gift card for a new to Albertsons prescription and only 1 $25 gift card per address. The coupon is valid until 3/5/11 leaving you plenty of time to cash in on this glamorous promotion!

I used my gift card to load up on 50% off Valentine Clearance items. A shoppertunistic tip would be to use the gift card to purchase groceries and then pocket the $25 cash that you would have spent on groceries to spend on something you want!

Transferring prescriptions is my FAVORITE tip for stretching your budget!

It is VERY easy to do!

Take in your old prescription container {ideally} so you have all of the info that the pharmacy will need.

No container?

That's ok! They just need your name, date of birth, the store's name that it was last filled at, and the name of the medication.

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  1. I totally did this yesterday, too! :) I did it last month, also, with a new prescription. I LOVE free money!! :)