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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fab~Frugal Nest Fluffing :: Labor of Love

This week's Fab~Frugal Nest Fluffing was a labor of love if you will.
I found what I thought was the PERFECT craft from Family Fun magazine BUT it took an "interesting" turn so I will be sharing this 2 in 1 craft.


Empty toilet paper rolls


Add a HUGE dose of patience

This young girl seems to suggest that this craft will be easy.
I am SHOCKED that whoever made it is letting her touch it.

For both crafts, begin by painting the inside & outside of the toilet paper rolls.

Tiffany Epiphany:
Give yourself PLENTY of time to do this.  
It took us a few days.

Cut the rolls in half.

Cut the 2 halves in fourths, 1 inch segments.  
4 total from each roll.

Shape circle into a heart.

If I were you, I'd STOP here.


If you are up for a challenge, precede to the Garland directions.

Prepare a hole for your needed using a thumb tack.

A song that came to mind was Bon Jovi's "Bad Name."

This craft did make me say some bad words but mostly it was the lyrics "shot through the heart."

Slightly dramatic, I know.


Also "shoot" a hole through the bottom of the heart.

It still isn't too late to turn back.

Tie off the end of your string.

Add a bead.

Add a heart.

Add a bead.

Tiffany Epiphany:

Alternate the color of beads if you are using the mixture I pictured {from WalMart}
There aren't enough of one color to get you through the entire garland.

UG! This is where it gets tough!

You must double or triple knot the end of your string before repeating the pattern
 or the space between the hearts {which reminds me of this song by Dave Matthew's Band}won't exist as pictured.

For the sake of finishing this project, I decided to skip the double knots and it appeared to work wonderfully.

Until, I went to hang it over my mantel and it somehow BROKE! 


Sending beads and hearts all over the living room! 

I was going to give up and throw it ALL away.

I couldn't do it.  After days worth or work and a strong desire to re purpose my toilet paper rolls I came up with the project above.

I added beads

I added the hearts

Large "diamond" looking beads

A flower

Candles from around my home

And placed them all in this decorative tray I found at Target a few years ago.

It's a Valentine potpourri and not a garland, but it is homemade, fabulous & frugal 
and I SERIOUSLY enjoy it!

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