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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

D'lish Dinners Week of 1/16

When I meal plan I keep the following glamorous guidelines in mind:
~Prepares in 20 minutes or less
~Cost $10 or less
~Contains 5 ingredients or less

I aim to make all my meals whole food {From farm to table with assistance from Full Circle Farm
 Not processed & as close to its original source as possible}, gluten and dairy free. I omit the or substitute ingredients to meet our dietary needs.

Meal Planning is SO glamorous! You don't have to stress at the last minute about what to make. You have all of the ingredients on hand. It is easy on your budget and on your waist line!  I also incorporate items from our  organic, local, home delivery crop share from 

Eating a sit down dinner with your family is VERY beneficial and will save you a lot of heartache it the long run! AND, it makes your house a home.

Pick & Choose from these d'lish dinners:

#1~ Split Pea Soup with Ham & a Green Side Salad
Participating in Meatless Monday or a Vegetarian? Omit the ham. One serving of Green Peas has 12 grams of protein! 

Onion, Leek, Lettuce & Celery from Full Circle Farm.

I could drink Balsamic Vinegar with a straw!  SO good!  Sub out the couscous with quiona if you are going gluten free.  I buy mine in the bulk food section at Fred Meyer.  You can also find it in a box in the rice and grain area.  It is a super food!  A much better choice than couscous and cooks the same way! 

 Spinach, & Onion from Full Circle Farm

#3~ Spaghetti with Brown Rice Noodles and a Green Salad

Lettuce from Full Circe Farm

#4~ Southwestern Chicken  Soup {From freezer}

Going gluten free?  Make sure to use corn based tortilla chips.  Plus, I'd skip the grocery chicken and roast your own.  We get 2 meals out of 1 chicken plus it doesn't have all of the added chemicals and preservatives.

Cilantro from Full Circle Farm.

#5~ Date Night

I used to think that organic home delivered produce was WAY out of my budget!  Check out this blog post!  I was SHOCKED!  It feels so good to eat well and feed my family well while sticking to my budget!  Order now and tell them Tiffany Dirks sent ya.

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