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The Art of Frugal Living~CREATE, EAT, SHOP, SAVE, & LIVE a charmed life. This is a where I share how I lead a luxurious, yet frugal life. Friends don't keep beauty secrets. I'd love to introduce you to Younique's natural line of skincare are makeup! Save on the things you need so you can spend on the things that you WANT! Get $$$ tips on Facebook: Become Shoppertunistic~Coupon Class.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A bit about me, Tiffany Dirks...
I have stiletto taste on a shoestring budget!  
Though I am a strategic shopper, I LOVE high ticket items! ”Not just clothing but home furnishings, dinning out, cars... I need to save where I can so I can spend on what I want!  I love and lead a glamorous life! 
I am a wife {of a wildly supportive and handsome man}, a stay at home mama~on the GO~ {to twin toddler boys)}, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a teacher.  I am always up for FUNI find it a challenge to sprinkle it onto EVERYTHING I do!  
I don’t just hunt for bargains.  That would NOT be glamorous! I strive to balance my BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT needs to be a complete person. 
I like to run, cook (but not to clean up afterwards), hang out, teach, and plan events. I like to SAVE $$$ and still get to shop it up!
If I can shop strategically, ANYONE can!

Still don't believe me?  Subscribe to my YouTube videos where I show you how I manage to film my own videos ALL while shopping stratgically with my twin toddler boys.  It will make you laugh and hopefully inspire you too.

We are far from perfect.  We are fun loving, a bit crazy and a WHOLE lot wild.

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