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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jesus' Birthday Cake {Christmas}

Jesus' Birthday Cake Devotional Keepsake 
{Part of last month's Glamorous Giveaway}
Here's how to create your own or to make as a glamorous gift.

I found a pack of blank photo Christmas cards on Clearance last year.
You can use stamps to write the words for each item that goes on the cake OR
number the cards 1-9 and write the details inside the card.
I found all of the details HERE.  Just print them out onto decorative paper, cut, and mount onto the cards.

I found the above three items at my local craft store {Ben Franklin} for about $2 each.
Keep in mind that these items are going to go on top of frosting so you want items that can be cleaned easily.  

These are 2 packs of birthday candles combined to make 12 candles.  I found them by the cake mix section at the grocery store.

This box was also part of last year's Clearance.  Decorate any box to enclose all of the above items for easy and glamorous storage.

Chocolate birthday cake mix
Vanilla frosting

Tiffany Tip:
Place 1 card under the plate of each of your Christmas dinner guest.  Have the guests check under their plate after dinner/before dessert and read the card as items are placed on the cake.

Total Cost: $10
A new tradition to focus on the true meaning of Christmas=PRICELESS

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