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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fab~frugal Christmas Gift {Accordion Photo Album Tutorial}

Homemade gifts really bring joy to people.  This homemade accordion photo album is NO exception! 
It is very fast, easy, & frugal to make.  
Two years ago we made over 50 of these.
People LOVED them! 

I got this stack of paper last week at JoAnn's for 1/2 off, $5.99! 

Materials Needed:

5 pieces of scrapbook paper, 2 for the cover and 3 for the inside.
12-14 inches of coordinated ribbon
glue stick {this project takes a LOT of glue}
embellishments, optional

I reuse cardboard from packages from the mail or from diaper boxes.

Start with your inside paper, or in this picture, print up, white down. 
Left piece of the 3 pieces.

fold at a diagonal creating a triangle and open.

In teaching, we called this folding "hot dog" or the long way.


Then fold "hamburger" or in half the short way.

Now fold all up into a square.  

I like to think of it as creating frog legs and folding the top over them.  

The square will be print in and white up, unless you use double sided paper and then apply your colors.

For the middle page Repeat as the left page but fold with print up.

Fold at a diagonal creating a triangle and open.

Fold "hamburger" or the short way and open.

Fold "hot dog" and open.

Fold up into a square.

The "frog legs" will look like this.

Pages 1 & 2, or the Left & Middle Pages.

Repeat the steps for the Right Paper as you did for the Left Paper.
Starting with print up. Or the print you want showing on the top, up.

Decide if you want to have your Left & Right papers over or under the middle page.
Glue pages together.

Use 1 of your folded squares as a template to trace onto the cardboard.

Trace 2 squares for the front & back covers.

Cut out your covers.

Using your cover paper, wrap each square as you would a Christmas gift.

Scrapbook paper + cardboard= Album Cover

On the Back Cover, glue your ribbon across the middle of the cover so there is an equal amount of ribbon on each side.

Glue squares to covers.  You want to glue the unfolded square to the cover and have the "frog legs" oped down.

Tie with a bow to finish it off! 

Tiffany Tip:
I like to suggest to people that they can add pictures to the solid squares, embellishments to the triangles and journal on the back side.


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