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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cranberry Bliss Bars {Starbucks Copy Cat & Cookie Swap Tutorial}

Meet the REAL Cranberry Bliss Bars HERE.
They are so beautiful but a bit too lard tasting to me.  They leave a film in my mouth.  Purchasing a whole tray for an event can be quite expensive too.  
This is my finished product.  This is how I got here...

This is the recipe. I made them for a Cookie Swap Party.
I found these adorable & free printable recipe cards from the Messy Vegetarian Cook.
I just wrote out the recipe and then made color photo copies.

It drives me nuts that I couldn't take this pic without my shadow in it.  
This is the cookie batter baked and cooled in a Pyrex dish.
Just follow the directions on the package for baking time.
You can make this gluten & dairy free too!

The serving dish I used.  A vintage cake platter that also doubles as a tray with a dip bowl in the middle.
I filled it with ornaments and some berries.

Frost with cream cheese frosting.
This too can be gluten & dairy free by using a tofu based cream cheese and dairy free butter.

Sprinkle with craisins.  

Learn from my mistake! Chocolate Chips will NOT melt to give you the texture you need for the white chocolate wisps on top.

I sprinkled the top with the whole white chocolate chips.

Next, I melted down the remaining frosting and used a whisk to artfully wisp the white chocolate drizzle.
Refrigerate to set everything.  I did for about 20 minutes.

Cut into squares and then in half to create triangles.
Place on platter.

We went with a gingerbread cookie theme for the Cookie Swap decor.
These bags were for cookies to be taken home. They were 3/$1. 

The candles were on the tables at the restaurant {Al Lago}
Under the candle is a gingerbread cookie scrapbook paper.
These tabs were by the paper.  It was a set of punch outs. 
We used them to organize the different cookie types on the tables. 

Very fab frugal decor!

More bags, a candle, and a punch out.
Around the chairs I tied some vintage aprons.  
Vintage aprons were also printed on the scrapbook paper.
That paper was used for accents on the main dining tables.
I found it all at Ben Franklin Craft Store.

The decor cost $15 and also functioned as take home bags at the end of the night.

Al Lago had very festive decor that added to the charm.

Our group photo.  I love how it looks like Mayli is wearing the apron.  
That's me in the scarf, my friend Jennifer {that I cheered with in high school!}, my friend Casey, Mayli, and my bestie, Cheri, who co hosted with me.

Thanks for the fun evening ladies! 

For more tips and tricks on how to stretch your budget so you can lead the glamorous life 

The scarf pictured is available in many colors, including Twilight! A sparkle black. Very chic!


  1. Oh these are my favorite thing about the holidays at Starbucks.

  2. I think mine is the Gingerbread loaf. MMMM. Do you know what I mean about the film it leaves in your mouth?