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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

4 FREE Candles at Rite Aid!

Thanks to a Strategic Shopping Plan from Deal Seeking Mom: I was able to get 4 FREE 40 hour AirWick Candles from Rite Aid! This deal is good through Saturday.

Plus I had a $25 gift card from transfering a perscription to Rite Aid {Check out this video for all of the glamorous details:} so I actually MADE $3, all said and done for:

4 Candles

2 Boxes Garbage Bags {BOGO}

1 Lightbulb

1 Kids Book

I was so glad that I had 4 AirWick coupons from my Sunday paper! For $1/issue you can have multiple copies of your Sunday paper delivered to your door! NO MORE stolen coupons or not making it out to the store in time. GLAMOROUS!

Details here:

If you enjoyed any of the accessories in this video you can order them at! The hats that the boys and myself are wearing are under the "Hat" tab from Grandma's Hands,

The Glamour Girl zipper pouch is under the "Shop" tab.

The flower from my hat is available at

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