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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to Rock Out Post Holiday Clearance the Shoppertunistic Way

Think out side of the box
Guest Post by My Super Saving Sister
Danielle Gipe


It has been birthday party extravaganza down here in Louisiana. No really, I have been to 4 toddler/kid birthday parties and have 2 more to go before the month is over. With that in mind I am always looking for great presents that the individual will actually use as well as not break my bank account! For this upcoming party {for a 2 year old girl} I knew she was BIG into dress up {so are her 2 other sisters, so I thought dress up clothes would be a fun gift.} 

Some dress up/pretend clothes can be extremely expensive! However, with Halloween being just yesterday I knew costumes would be at least 50% off at most places. Sure enough, I went to Target and got 4 costumes for $23.00. One of the costumes was $20.00 to start with!!! {Yes, I got her 4 being I have 2 sons any time I get to shop for a little girl I go a little overboard, but at 50% off I could afford to spoil her.}.
  Keep an eye out for the costumes at other stores they will go as high as 90% off but you are likely to get stuck with some pretty lame ones at that point. 

Now is also a great time to get your next year costume and accessories without having to spend full price!

Danielle creates designer zipper pouches as part of the Become Shoppertunistic Coupon Organization System and they are sold individually at 

She is an amazing sister, great wife to an amazing Air Fore man, a mama of 2 and is EXTREMELY creative! She will be popping in from time to time so you will get to know her more and more.

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