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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frugal Treats

Now that the weather has become a bit more frightful I have rediscovered my favorite seasonal delight

a HOT bath.

It's a multi sensory experience that leaves me feeling warm, relaxed and recharged.

To recreate this bubble wonderland you'll need...

Bubble bath or bath oil to moisturize your dry winter skin

candle light

There is an art to the scent that I choose...

If I'm skipping dessert I will go with a baked good scent such as 

If I've enjoyed a holiday memory and am reliving it I choose a holiday scent such as 

For a Spa like feel I will go with 

If I'm having a bath for two I choose from the Romance Collection such as
Sugar Kisses or Black Tie Affair

And there are times when I wish I was somewhere else entirely and I pick from the Tropical Collection
such as Hawaiian Escape or Pina Colada while drinking something fruity and praying that like Dorothy, my house will get swept away.  I resist the urge to wear my ruby slippers in the tub.

Add a good book to read by the light of my SoyL Scents illuminating pot

and a little Norah Jones or this gem, I Need a Silent Night.

SoyL Scents is an ALL NATURAL Soy bases melt that will add lovely scent to your nest without the toxins.  It costs less and last much longer than the leading brands too!


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