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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

D'lish Breakfast!

Being gluten and dairy sensitive I get a lot of questions about what I eat in place of common foods.

I try to keep what I enjoyed eating from "before" in my reach with a few simple twists.

This morning's breakfast is a great example!

I eat eggs on a regular basis.  No change needed there.  I sprinkled in some bacon, added avocado (organic on sale on Fred Meyer 4/$5 this week!) and dashed with some salsa. SO good!

The carbs is where it gets tricky.  This is an all natural, gluten and dairy free waffle that I found in the natural section at Fred Meyer, in the freezer.  I added a smear of non dairy butter and homemade strawberry jam!  My kids join me in eating these too.  They often go on sale 2/$4 at Fred Meyer too!

When you get diagnosed with sensitivities, allergies, or disease it can be overwhelming!  

I advise the following glamorous tips:

*Register at for a Guided Grocery Tour!  I can show you my favorite food items and save you spending $$$ buying the ones that aren't so hot!

*Use up items before buying new ones.  It can be SO expensive and daunting to have to replace EVERYTHING in your pantry and refrigerator.

*Check company's websites for coupons for more expensive items.

*Learn how to shop strategically so you can save on the items you can and have more $$$ to spend on the food you need. Register for a Strategic Shopping Seminar or Personal Session at

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