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Friday, October 8, 2010

Clipping A Lot of Coupons Will COST You!

Clipping Unneeded Coupons 

“We all feel the pinch in this tougher economy, especially when buying groceries. Clipping coupons is downright trendy today -- but is it really such a good habit? Sure, getting 50 cents off that package of cookies or that brand-name detergent is a discount, but y
ou may be surprised to find that your grocery bill isn't really going down despite all your coupon clipping. The truth is that buying generic brands that are just as tasty is often cheaper; coupons can make us buy things even we didn't plan for.
Start with a grocery list for the week, and then look at your clipped coupons. If you can use one, great, but try supermarket brands too for the best bottom line.”
It is so encouraging when I see information about coupons that supports my Become Shoppertunistic Strategic Shopping Model!  I would agree with this 100%!
If you are “couponing” and NOT shopping strategically you are NOT going to see the benefits of your labor or will not see the rewards at the same level!
This is another reason why I don’t support coupons binders as effective an organization system.  There is a stat that I read that states that 70% of the shopping we do at the store is based on impulse.  If you are carrying around a LARGE and HEAVY binder FULL of coupons that you spent your sacred time cutting your are going to be looking for an opportunity to use them.
I say, if you are shopping with your coupons in mind and not of a pre planned list, than you are likely to be spending FAR more than you should be...70% more on average.
Make sure to do the math!  This is why I suggest carrying a calculator, in your designer zipper pouch, to check the math.  Sometimes the store brand is cheaper than the name brand product, EVEN with a coupon!
Shopping strategically means that you are looking for MULTIPLE savings including:

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