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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spending Plan Check In~Week 2

I am seriously CRAZY in LOVE with this piggy bank graphic!  Savings can be glamorous!  I also enjoy the Tiffany blue accents!  I hope you do too!

We have made a big commitment to living within our means and working towards paying off our debts this month.  We have been taking our first steps:

~Budget planning (read more at:

~Removing the debit cards from our wallets

(read more at:

This past week I had some experiences and situations to share with you about this process.

1.  I challenged my thoughts to change from "I deserve this_______" to "I am content or I can have that free at home."  I found myself making more coffees at home instead of hitting up Starbucks' drive thru.  This was a big $$$ saver and I got to model that process to my kids too.  "Yes, you can have a smoothie but I will make it for you when we get home."

2.  We got our new $$$ for the month.  We use a envelope system for budgeting, and have for 12 years.  However, this week I made some helpful tweaks! (

     *I only put my spending $$$ for the WEEK in my wallet and put the rest of my $$$ in an envelope.  
       knowing that if I have it with me I WILL, and have in the past, borrowed against it.  Leaving me
       with less than what I needed, resulting in debt.  Much more proactive!

     * I put a percentage of my spending $$$ in an envelope that I call my G.L.A.M. Account.  This is
        money that I can spend on WHATEVER I'd like! I am adding to my G.L.A.M Account the money
        that I save shopping strategically too.  I am currently saving for NEW fall boots and clothes.

     * I was REALLY able to stretch my budget this week at Rite Aid buying Johnson & Johnson        
        products and transferring prescriptions which was a HUGE budget saver and $$$ maker!  The $59
        that I made doing these two EASY tricks paid for our family birthday party beverages and toys
        for my boyz' birthday!

Watch how you can do it too here:!.html!.html

All in all, I'd say it was a successful week!

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