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Monday, September 13, 2010

Spending Plan Check In

Notice that my debit card is now OUT of my wallet! By accident, and now on purpose, this is part of my new plan to help keep me accountable to my Spending Plan.

I have always felt that I need to carry my debit card with me “in case of emergencies.” Now, I am redefining emergency. An emergency is not needing to swing through Starbucks, by something at Target, or go out to lunch. Shocking!

I removed my debit card from my wallet last week to pay a bill and I forgot to put it back it. While I was out and about I found myself reaching for my debit card, strictly out of habit, three times! I had cash yet I reached for my card. This was very revealing to me and now I know I need to make the change permanently to remove my debit card from my wallet.

In its place, I will be inserting cash. A large bill that I can use in case of a true emergency. Not having my debit card to fall back on for impulse spending and non budgeted spending will naturally provide me with a boundary and help maintain our spending plan.

This course of action reminds me of two other great spenders and the measures they went through to curtail their spending. Remember the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic? Rebecca Bloomwood literally put her credit card on ice. She froze a large chunk of ice around her credit card and kept it in the freezer. She did crack later but she had good intentions.

I am also reminded of fellow fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw, from Sex in the City! She came to a point in her life that her spending on Manolo Blahnik shoes and other high ticket fashion items were keeping her from investing in a home.

There comes a time in every glamorous gals life where she has to make sound financial decisions to ensure that she continues to live the glamourous life in the future.

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