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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spending Plan Check In :: Week 3

You might call it a "budget", but I 


We have been learning and implementing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University ( program for the past 3 weeks!

It has REALLY been eye opening and challenging on MANY levels!  Here are my Tiffany Epiphanies for week 3.

:: We have developed a Return to the Bank envelope for on~line purchases made.  For example, I purchased coffee on~line using a Groupon.  I spent $10 over the cost of the Groupon for shipping so that money had to come from my grocery budget.

:: If you pay a monthly payment for an item, ENJOY the item, while still making attempts to pay it off (Of Course)! The cost of debt is STEEP!  Either appreciate the item fully or get rid of it!

I can find myself grumbling about my home wishing
~the walls were painted a different color
~that I had some posh item from whatever catalogue arrived in my mailbox
~that I need to clean

Instead, I am making a conscious effort to find things to generally be appreciated and savored.

:: A deal is only a GOOD deal if you have the CASH to pay for it.  Don't go broke saving money!

:: Next pay period we will be separating our cash into WEEKLY envelopes for our budgeted categories. We had put the month's cash all into one envelope this time and we learned that it was far too tempting to "borrow" from the next week.  It is much more proactive to carry leftover cash into the next week.

:: The bank account, like any relationship, requires TIME!  We were in a bad habit of only reviewing our account once a month.  As of this week, we do a bi~weekly review!  The NUMBERS don't lie and being visual, it really helps keep us accountable!

I would love to hear your questions or comments!  Are you participating in this program?

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