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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rite Aid Riches~My FAVORITE $$$ Making Trick!

To see this deal in action click:

This is my FAVORITE tip for funding an event or for creating a shopping fund! Transferring prescriptions is super lucrative! This week in Rite Aid's ad and usually available ALL the time is a prescription transfer coupon! 2 to be exact! You can transfer 2 prescriptions from Rite Aid for a total of $50 in Rite Aid gift cards! Always make sure to read and follow the fine print!

Today I rolled my gift card earnings into a deal that made me another $8! That is strategic shopping sister!

But wait! The deal gets hotter! Wal~Mart accepts Rite Aid's transfer coupons! That means if you can transfer a prescription to Rite Aid one month and then the next month transfer it to Wal~Mart for another $50 in Wal~Mart gift cards! Then, if there aren't any other transfer deals, you wait 6 months (according to the fine print) and transfer back to Rite Aid!

You get paid the big bucks to do what you already do! VERY glamorous! Think of those gift cards as a way to deposit into your G.L.A.M. account! Because the money you earn can be freed up to spend on the things you actually WANT! HOT!

For more money saving tips and trick on how to stretch your budget and live the glamorous life click to!

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