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Friday, September 17, 2010

My G.L.A.M. List

Being shoppertunistic is my way of stretching my budget. My budget meets all my needs however leaves a lot to be desired in the area of wants.

Everyone has things that they enjoy spending their money on. I am NO different! I really enjoy high quality and big ticket items! Oprah has her favorite things and I do too! I call them my G.L.A.M. List and it is these items that I save up for, one shopping trip at a time, in my G.L.A.M. Account (if you missed this article you can check it out HERE.

I really enjoying giving and receiving gifts. It is my primary love language.

(A play on letters since jeans begin with a “j”. Thanks for rolling with it!) My favorite labels include Seven For All Man Kind, Gap’s Long & Lean jeans, and Rock & Republic. I like the idea of True Religion jeans however I haven’t found a pair that like me. I am all about the “booty” factor when it comes to jeans. I approach a pair of jeans by asking “what can you do for me?” I will pay extra if they can deliver!

Going Places
Taking my boyz (the use of the “z” is intentional. Being a boy mama is an adventure in itself. Having two boys of the same age is wild!) on adventures during the week. I love experience the world with them and through their eyes! It is very glamorous to be a stay at home mama and be involved in every detail of their lives!

Date Night is also a must! My husband and I go out every Friday. It is very important to have fun together!

Of the caffeinated variety. I am a Starbucks junkie, despite my home espresso machine. I find it very glamorous to swing through and pick up a 2 pump vanilla, steamed soy Americano! I refer to it as a hug in a mug. I also enjoy that they carry Kind bars. A whole food, low calorie, snack option.

*Fendi~ I like their monogram, the double F! My name, Tiffany, has two f’s! Seems meant to be!
pastedGraphic.pdf This is a Fendi Spy Bag! Oh~la~la!

Tiffany & Co. jewelry~ What’s a girl named Tiffany to do? I wear their jewelry and fragrance. I also enjoy Juicy Couture’s fragrance!

Louis Vuitton~ I love the timeless nature and chic designs!

These are my top 3 favorites! I would take any one of them if you are offering!

Audi~I am a Mercedes girl but I REALLY enjoy sharing our Audi with my husband. It makes me feel very glamorous!


Mercedes~ Everyone has a brand of car that speaks the them. I am a Mercedes girl! I would like to own two of them. One a vintage, convertible sports car such as this one pictured. Meow! And the other, a G Wagon for my family car. I love its boxy design! My current car is uber glamorous because it is PAID OFF! It is an Infiniti QX4.

Mind~ The older I get the more I understand how glamorous it is to have peace of mind in the area of money! As much as I really enjoy these things, they are just things! I would rather have money in savings and my debts paid off. This is my current pursuit. The glamorous life!

For more information about how to become shoppertunistic and live the glamorous life go to

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