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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Car Toys~Road Test

On our road trip to Northern California I picked out an assortment of toys for my 2.5 year old twin boys to play with. I critiqued each of them for you. Hopefully it will add some fun to your upcoming travels!

Candy Necklaces. $1.99 @ Target. 1 necklace buys ya about 10 minutes of silence. Priceless, right!?! Then the boyz sacked out. Coindence I'm sure. There are 2 more treatsy times with these as it's a pack of 6! A++!

Harmonica~from Target. Roughly $1.99. This was a great treasure for the car and is the gift that keeps on giving! The boys really enjoy it and it's not broken yet! I give it an A!

Superstar Microphone. $3.99 @ Target. The boyz self selected these. The have been a hit for 4 days. I give them an A. Not an A+ because they kept dropping them and I have to find them;)

Power Rangers Play Video Viewer. $1.98 @ Target. Kept the boyz interest for about 10 min. I give it a C. They might be a bit young for it but the price was right.

Balloon Fun Pack $3.49 @ Target. Love it! The boys can blow up "swords" on their own with the pump. There are 2 big balloons they can play with. If the swords are removed from the pump they squeal like bottle rockets. I give it an A+! Make sure to buy 1 pack/kid. Having one pump cause a LOT of sharing issues!

Color Blast. Steer clear! $5 @ Albertson's. Kept the boyz attention for 5 minutes. The pen is deficient. I give it an F. I would look for a different brand because I used to love these as a kid!

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  1. This is an oldie post but a goodie!
    Wishing you safe travels this summer!